Maeve’s Kit Deposit (Doe)




You may reserve a kit here by making a $25 deposit per rabbit. If you would like to make arrangements for payment other than through pay pal, please email the specifics of how you would like to pay through the Contact Page of this website. Once the deposit is received, the rabbit(s) is reserved for you. Receipt of the balance of the purchase price allows you to take possession of the rabbit(s). In the event that you elect to have the rabbit shipped via air, then the full purchase price and the shipping fee must be paid at least two weeks prior to shipping.

Rabbits are normally available for pick up at eight weeks old. When your rabbit(s) are ready for pick up, you will receive notification requesting that you set up a time within the next 7 days to pick up your rabbit(s). If you do not pick up your rabbit(s) within the 7 day period, your rabbit(s) will be sold to the next waiting customer, and your deposit will be forfeited. We are strict about pick up times.

If upon arrival, the rabbit(s) does not meet your satisfaction, we will return your deposit minus $2.00 (administrative pay pal fees). If you have signed up to purchase a rabbit, and Monte al Mare cannot fulfill your order, you have a choice to move to the top of the next waiting list or have your deposit refunded.


Rabbits will be shipped via air on Continental Airlines for the additional charge of $350.00. Continental has a reputation in the industry for outstanding performance in handling animal shipping. The fee of $350.00 covers shipping and handling, air fare, crate, and time and expense to and from the airport.  The airport is approximately 130 miles round trip. These costs may vary owing to the volatility of fuel prices. On occasion, health certificates are required. These are furnished at the extra cost of $35 (as they require a vet visit).

When ordering, consider that two rabbits can be shipped in the same crate for one fee.

There are also people who transport animals by car for a living. I may be able to put you in touch with someone like this for transport.


All of our rabbits are healthy at the time of sale. The buyer should carefully inspect each rabbit to ensure that it meets their expectations. This should include verification of the sex. There are no guarantees once the rabbit has left the premises. Neither health nor longevity is guaranteed. Representation concerning the animal(s) at the time of sale is as accurate as is possible. It is always better to pose questions concerning the rabbit(s) prior to purchase. It is our policy to answer all questions and provide as much help as possible to ensure that your rabbit remain happy and healthy. Once you have taken possession of the rabbit, we cannot be responsible for health issues or injury. Although our rabbits come from exceptional stock, no guarantee is made with regard to the ability of any rabbit to be a winner in competitions.

Any rabbit originating from Monte al Mare Farm (ARBA #D495) must permanently retain our rabbitry name as part of the rabbits name.

Payment of your deposit assumes you have thoroughly read the above and agree.


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