Life Coaching

TreeTrunk2As a continuation of the circle of healing, I provide life coaching to individuals and couples. My Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology along with a lengthy residency in psychotherapy provide the back drop for my coaching services. Life coaching is not, however, psychotherapy. Life coaching is a direct and active process which can help sort out problematic areas of one’s life. Life coaching can help you connect to your dreams, recognize your skills, and move past challenges that stand in the way of achieving those goals. Here are some potential areas that I can assist with:

  • guidance on moving forward in your career
  • how to take advantage of your own strengths and talents
  • assistance with making major life decisions
  • achieving a better work-life balance
  • stress management techniques

In addition to the aforementioned, we have the opportunity to go deeper,  exploring what was holding you back in the first place. What are the habituated patterns which keep you stuck, what are the “mutterings” in your head that lend to a life filled with pessimism. . .passions

In couples coaching the same concepts apply except that often your individual “stuff” is exaggerated by the intimate experience.

If you are local, you can be seen in my office in Glens Falls, New York or we could skype. Fees are on a sliding scale basis and will be discussed privately. Please phone me directly to set up an appointment 802-236-2555.