Silver Fox Rabbits


After much thought and careful research, we have chosen to feed our rabbits a natural  (non-pelleted) diet, much of which I grow in my garden. Rabbits are herbivores and eat mainly greens, grains and roots. The more exact way we feed deserves its own post(s) but it suffices to say that our rabbits eat organic fodder alternated with an organic grain mix and lots of high quality hay. This staple is supplemented by other organic greens, mangle beets, raspberry canes and grape vines, sunflower seeds, small amounts of fresh fruit etc. This way of feeding lends not only to the health of the rabbit, but also to the clean, grass-fed taste of the meat. The rabbits drink alkalinized water with organic apple cider vinegar. We “worm” with Molly’s herbal (however rabbits over vermicomposters are “wormed” with grapefruit seed extract). Any treatments necessary are done with herbs, homeopathics, or other holistic remedies. If you do choose to feed a pelleted feed, Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit food provides a superior pellet. it s the freshest I have found. You may order by clicking the link below.



Our rabbits are housed in indoor, climate controlled conditions under full spectrum lights. In February of 2013, the rabbitry was re-vamped to include new larger, vertical cages allowing the rabbits the ability to “climb” and rest on carpeted shelving. Kits are moved to the maternity units to finish growing.  In good weather, weaned kits finish growing outdoors in “rabbit tractors” with full access to clover. The new rabbitry is complete with vermi-composting bins under all cages. We are very excited about our new design (I’m sure the bunnies are happy too)! Thank you to our wonderful friends, father and son team, Greg and Brian Moore for their impeccable work!

The rabbitry is kept scrupulously clean with “green” cleaning products only. These include Shaklee Basic G and Basic H. There is one exception. We use a small amount of Vanodine for cleaning feeders, crocks, and water bottles.