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Monte al Mare is my heart; a passion unequaled. Perhaps for me, it is because the homesteading lifestyle represents all that is simple and true and beautiful. I feel those sentiments when I take a walk in my yard and see the early morning dew glistening on mounds of fat blackberries or when I am surprised to find that our ducklings finally hatch or when the chickens lay eggs with the most golden of yolks or when our kitchen scraps turn to dark, rich compost.  These are the simple treasures in life. . .precious as they are. So too, cooking and making most of our things from scratch, gives me pause and reverence for what we have. . .these “possessions” do not come easily and this food was a labor. It changes the way we consume it. . .still delicious and wonderful and enjoyable but with an awareness that food is nourishment first.  The experience of homesteading, I believe, helps us to go deep and be still within ourselves.

Please join us on our homesteading journey as we continually strive to employ the best sustainable and permaculture practices both for the land and  livestock. It is my prayer that these practices will yield nutrient dense foods while maintaining good stewardship. These upcoming posts will be filled with joys and triumphs as well as failures. They are all a part of this journey. Together, though, we can learn and share together.


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Monte al Mare Farm
2396 Route 30, North
Bomoseen, VT 05732
Email Us: beechwdmdw@gmail.com


making cheese at the Vermont Fermentation Festival

. . .making cheese at the Vermont Fermentation Festival








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